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I continue living this cyclical quiet life, but these strange yet familiar dreams of mine keep appearing...

I started having these strange dreams...

... where people around me were dressed as stuffed animals in places I haven't been yet I once knew. Even though they are only dreams, I still wake up sometimes crying.

Recently they have caused me only troubles for me and our team, which made me wish...

...to never have dreams.

We only have to fulfill our daily duty.

We live in this world only with one scope; Fulfilling our daily duty to slain the monsters lurking in so called "Fields" and gather all the Trid they leave before.

As long we do this, our Lord Basileus will grant us his Blessings and provide us his watch over our Sector.

Beside this, we are blessed to have the Solomonar family to help us defeat the unsightly monsters and keep the order inside our Sector.

Made Of Dirt does not have any Level / Experience related systems. The game's story will progress as you complete the Fields, and you can enhance your character by buying  equipment with the Trid you get from monsters.

Several of most important features:

  • 1+ Hour of gameplay
  • No Level / Experience / Classes
  • Linear Story / 1 Single ending
  • Game has 1 additional "route" which only reveals additional info about the world
  • Custom Cutscenes
  • Real-time Battle system
  • 50/50 Storytelling (50 told by game / 50 told by the details in game)
  • Many more...

Note 1:  In order to unlock the additional "route",  during the 6th day choose the upper Choice then reach the end of the Fields.

Note 2: The story has many more details in it, please think deeply to the motivation of the character behind their words / actions, these details are revealed by their words.

Note 3: Please contact us you were missed you from the Credits, some of our Credits lists were lost during the development. Sorry for this inconvenience.


This game contains implicit, but not explicit scenes / subjects / hints of multiple sensitive themes as: Blood Reference, Child Abuse, Fantasy Violence, Immoral Behaviors, Light Horror, Photosensitive seizure.


Made Of Dirt.exe [1.2.0] 414 MB

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I enjoyed the story, i didn't finish the game to be honest, i watched a gameplay on youtube cause the fields were very boring to me and i really hate playing with a timer on my back. I hope there's a sequel cause the story has a few holes in it, i didn't found out why she's in a hospital sadly, i know there's a hint but i couldn't figure it out.

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I was super intrigued by the story but that chasing scene in the fields by the dark ninjas is impossible for me ... Is there any way to get past them ? I tried many times but it's just hard for me to get through that, especially with the screen blurring and shaking. Help :(

Its the same pattern ..you hawe to try it many times ...yeah not easy

I tried many time... in vain... I gave up now ^^' 


Hello there!

We are sorry to know that the scene was a little too difficult. We will definitely consider making it easier in the future.

But in order for everyone to enjoy the game we have made a Save File for those who couldn't pass that scene. It is made immediately after the run is over, just load it and the story continues after the running scene: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fNimuJPmERSWllQHWoKfmRyncJm4s9WG

Oh thank you so much for your help ! Now I can continue the story :) 


Thank you for playing our game and even making a video with it! It really means a lot to us! 

Just finished playing! The game sounds and looks very pleasant. And the story's really interesting & engaging. (I didn't fully understand it, though. I might if I play it all over again.) Plus. the cutscenes are really well done! 

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Thank you for playing! 

Play it whenever you want, you might discover more than you expect :)